2180cc Walk-Through

Precision-matched with a choice of 150-200 horsepower outboards, the AVX2180cc is built for a wide range of salt, brackish, and freshwater ventures. It's engineered to be right at home in the shallows, instantly jumping on plane and stalking fish in the skinniest waters. The result is a rig well-suited for guides and weekend anglers alike.
Total Performance Machine Design
Superior Fit, Finish, & Features
Upright Level Foam Flotation
Custom Built Vexus ® Trailers
Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid Design
Check out the added attention to detail and customized interior features.
Wide Open Spaces
Check out this brief video and all the Wide Open Spaces in a Vexus®.
Dense Base Design
Hard Case Paint / Victor Shield
Quiet Confidence
See the difference Vexus offers with their attention to detail in every square inch of the boat.
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