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Over fifty years ago, the seeds of the Vexus® brand were planted by one of the most recognized individuals in the marine industry: Forrest L. Wood.

From our earliest times, we worked alongside Forrest to set the highest standards. Our team helped him design and build the first aerated livewell, the first all-fiberglass transom, first fiberglass trailer fenders, first disc brakes on trailers, first integrated engine setback, and so many more groundbreaking designs.

Today, that heritage continues here at Vexus. Our team is driven by that same relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation that was spawned over half a century ago in a small, modest building in Flippin, AR. It’s in our DNA.

It's the Heart and Soul of our team…
The Story of Vexus

What happens when you bring the right folks with the right background together and then turn them loose to build world class products? Check out what fuels our team.

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Fifty Years in the Making

Humble, deeply-connected roots and a spirit that’s constantly pushing to be the best-in-class. It’s an attitude of excellence that’s been the driving force of innovation for more than fifty years. From the people and processes to the products and place, around here, Experience makes all the Difference.

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Like a Family

Close-knit, focused, and easy to relate to… that’s the Vexus® family. A group that not only loves to fish but lives to do the right thing and knows how to make it happen – Together.

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What A Boat Should Be

Forging new paths in technology, processes, and total performance, the Vexus® team explains why The Revolution Is Here!

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It Begins With the Product

No other rig looks, performs, or turns heads like these. It’s the culmination of centuries of combined boatbuilding experience and every day we strive to give anglers another reason to smile.   

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Here at Vexus, all of us are driven by a passion to be the best. We strive to always do it right, the first time. This deep-seated passion for excellence, integrity, and superior customer service was born over half a century ago when Forrest Wood first started building boats here in Flippin, AR—and that same driving spirit still exists within the walls of Vexus.

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Every Little Thing

Details matter. From the bow eye to the taillights, our focus is making sure every little thing is done right.

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That's What Drives Me

We had planned on releasing this Heart & Soul video prior to Forrest’s passing. Now, it serves as a poignant reminder of the great example he left for us. Forrest truly was “A Foundation for Us All,” and we will strive every day to live up to his legacy of hard work, integrity, and service to others.

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The Revolution is Here

When we say, “The Revolution is Here,” we mean it. It’s more than just a slogan to us—it’s the core of the Vexus® philosophy. From the way we build our boats with Infused Composite Construction™ to our strong base of independent dealers to our commitment to provide the best customer service in the industry, everything we do is aimed at one objective—leaving the status quo in the rearview mirror.

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No Such Thing as Good Enough

Vexus® Boats. Welcome to a place where mediocrity is shunned and there’s no such thing as “good enough.”

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Standing on the Front Deck

At Vexus, we don’t build pontoons or ski boats—we build fishing boats. And there’s a good reason for that fact. The passion for fishing is in our blood, and it always will be. It’s just who we are, and it drives all of us who work here to engineer and manufacture the most advanced fishing machines on the water. You see, you won’t find us on a golf course on Saturday morning—you’ll find us with a fishing rod in our hand, standing on the front deck of a Vexus. 

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Our People

Money can build a boat factory, but it can’t buy passion and dedication. It’s the folks within the walls that make this place special.

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Our Customers

In today’s world of overseas call centers and automated help menus, it can seem as if genuine customer service is a thing of the past. But here at Vexus, we don’t follow the rest of the crowd. Instead, we take an old-fashioned approach to customer service. We view the folks who buy our boats, not as numbers on a sales ledger, but as true friends. 

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Taking the Hill Together

When a group of passionate and dedicated individuals meld into a unified team and push toward a common goal, the results are truly special.

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Changing the Industry

From the moment we poured the first load of concrete for our new factory in Flippin, Arkansas, we knew we were beginning a special journey—one that would challenge industry norms and raise expectations of what a boat company could and should be. Innovative designs, superior manufacturing processes, and making customer satisfaction our number one priority were just a few of the things we set out to accomplish. It’s never easy when you have to start over from the ground up, but changing our industry for the better makes all the long days and nights worth it.

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A Thank You on Every Cover

As fishermen ourselves, we understand the importance of a boat purchase. We sincerely thank each of you who have trusted us with that investment.

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People That Make Us Better

When you surround yourself with people who make YOU better, there’s not a challenge that can’t be conquered.

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An Amazing Place

What makes a workplace more than just somewhere you go to draw a paycheck? What makes it something truly unique? When you walk into Vexus, you’ll find the answer.

What you won’t see here is a bunch of corporate suits crunching numbers. What you will see is a CEO with dust on his clothes from working on the production line. You’ll see a president with dirt on his boots and sweat on his brow after loading boats for shipment. You’ll see team members working hard toward a common goal. Most importantly, you’ll see a group of friends who have come together to create something extraordinary, pouring their passion for excellence and their love of fishing into the boats we build.

It truly is an amazing place.

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A Different Company

What makes Vexus different?

While there are numerous answers to this question, they all boil down to the core values our company was founded on. We believe that our team members are our greatest asset, that innovation and thinking outside the box are essential for the health of our industry, and that cutting corners to maximize profits is always a losing strategy.

Most importantly, in everything we do, we believe that our customers should be our top priority.

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Lifelong Relationships

One of the things we love most about building boats is the lifelong relationships we develop with our customers. When you buy a Vexus® boat, it’s more than just a business transaction to us—you become a part of our family.

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My Dream Team

When you take a look at the people who make up Vexus® Boats, you’ll soon realize there’s no lack of experience within the walls of this place. While our name may be new, we’ve been building boats together for decades.

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Vexus Is...

To us, Vexus is more than just a name. When we place those five chrome letters on the side of one of our boats, they embody our Heart & Soul. They represent leaders who inspire and aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, engineers who aren’t satisfied with the status quo, team members who are passionate about their craft, and a philosophy we all share that says there’s no such thing as “good enough.”

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At Vexus, we believe if you’re going to be a leader, you can never be satisfied with the way things are today. You have to keep pushing. Keep reaching. Keep searching for the next innovation that makes your time on the water better. This deep-seated philosophy has driven our team for decades, and we don’t intend on slowing down. It’s just who we are and what we believe.

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