Inside & Out Season 3


Bow to stern, our focus on fishing is what sets every Vexus® design apart. It’s a legacy inspired by Forrest L. Wood and fueled by our own passion for perfection. After all, we love what we do. It Defines the Heart, Ignites the Soul, and Drives the Revolution™. Long days to short nights, you’ll see the rewards, INSIDE & OUT™.

New Episodes Begin January 3, 2022.

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Leadership. Inspired by Forrest L. Wood.™

His voice, direction, and example still echo through the walls of Vexus® Boats. Forrest L. Wood was more than a legend. He remains a guiding force, inspiring mentor, and forever family and friend.

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We Build The World's Most Advanced Fishing Rigs.™

What if? It’s the most common question we ask ourselves, and the results are amazing!

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Built For The Bite. Born For The Strike.™

Our Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ are performance-fueled to excel in all types of fishing environments. With lightning-fast hole shots, superb maneuverability, and great rough-water handling, these rigs never compromise.

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Precision-Built In Flippin. Performance-Engineered For The World.™

Our roots run deep in Flippin, Arkansas. This small Ozark town has produced the world’s greatest boat builders for decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. It’s our home, our heritage—our future. 

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The Performance You Thrive On Is The Foundation We Run On.™

Performance is more than a single element; it’s the fusion of inspired designs that make a boat excel in diverse locations and conditions. And true performance doesn’t come easy—it’s the result of decades of engineering experience and advanced manufacturing processes. From blistering hole shots to unmatched maneuverability to a rough-water ride that will blow your mind, every Vexus® boat is handcrafted to be your Total Performance Machine®.

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The Measure Of A Machine™

Our Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ are Total Performance Machines® designed for one purpose—elevating your time on the water.

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Dream It In Your Home. We'll Build It In Ours.™

Design a new Vexus® boat to be exclusively yours with the Color Mine feature on our website! Whether you prefer a traditional poliflake finish with an eye-catching hull stripe or our premier Hard Case™ paint for a polished and distinctive appearance, it’s all in your control. Check it out here and build your own Vexus® Dream Rig!

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The Strongest Lines Hold More Than Fish.™

After decades of experience on the water, we’re committed to angler-driven innovation. From our Wide Open Spaces™ to our patent-pending Intensive Care™ livewell, every aspect of a Vexus® boat is designed to make you a more confident, more effective fisherman. 

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Performance So Hot, You'll Fish The Fire Out Of It!™

We engineered our Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ to look, drive, and fish like a fiberglass boat. Incorporating a high-performance pad hull and our exclusive Dense Base™ design, the Vexus® AVX provides incredible agility while running and remarkable stability when the trolling motor is down. It’s Performance So Hot, You’ll Fish The Fire Out Of It™!

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Shaping The Sound Barrier™

When you’re chasing big ones in the shallows, stealth is key. That’s why we designed every Vexus® boat to minimize unwanted noise. By injecting each hull with closed-cell foam, sound waves are dampened, resulting in decreased hull slap while running and reduced noise transmission to the water when you’re on the trolling motor.

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You Can Learn A Lot About Structure From A Side Scan.™

In boat building, details matter. From the quality of the fiberglass used in the hull construction to the location of the fuel tank, every aspect of the build is important. That’s why we design each Vexus® model from the ground up, incorporating modern engineering concepts and superior manufacturing techniques to provide you the ultimate fishing experience.

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Nothing Comes Close When You Open One Up.™

If you’re like us, you carry a lot of tackle and gear when you head to the water. That’s why we engineered every Vexus® boat to maximize storage capacity. Deep compartments and cavernous rod boxes dominate our designs, giving you plenty of room and multiple configuration options. Leaving nothing behind just got a lot easier.

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America's Most Revolutionary Team of Angler/Craftsmen™

We were born to build fishing boats. And we’re never satisfied with the status quo. We’re always innovating. Always looking for ways to make our Total Performance Designs even better. It’s the commitment we live by—because we know what it’s like to leave it all on the water, hunting for five big bites on tournament day. 

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The Machine Within Is A Beast When Out.™

When you’re on the water, there’s no time for inferior equipment. That’s why we engineer our boats to excel across the entire performance spectrum by utilizing groundbreaking designs and advanced manufacturing processes. From durability to fishability and everything in between, these rigs take no shortcuts.

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Made By Artists Who Like To Paint Dreams & Draw Attention.™

We craft our boats with an artist’s touch to give you a rig that stands out on the water in both appearance and performance. After decades of experience designing boats, we still love making your dreams come true.

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Engineered For The Catch As Well As The Release.™

We’re anglers ourselves, so we understand that the time you spend on the water is priceless. It’s why our team is dedicated to producing rigs that exceed your expectations in performance, fishability, and quality. This commitment isn’t something we take lightly, and it’s why we never stop trying to make our boats better. From angler-centric layouts and vast storage compartments to innovations like our Intensive Care™ livewell, AirWave® seats, and our groundbreaking hull designs, the evidence is clear—we never settle for “good enough.”

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AVX... It's A Huge Window Of Opportunity.™

Stunning good looks, incredible performance, and uncompromising attitude . . . that’s the Vexus® AVX Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™. Bow to stern, It’s A Huge Window Of Opportunity™. 

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Built To Be Different. Bound To Be Strong.™

Our Infused Composite Construction™ process is revolutionizing modern boat manufacturing by producing a product that’s Lighter, Faster, & Stronger. It surpasses traditional open-mold methods by facilitating precision fiberglass layups, repeatable processes, and greater consistency. The result is a groundbreaking rig that delivers exceptional on-water performance and durability.

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It's The Kind Of Start You Won't Want To Stop.™

We’re passionate about building boats for folks who love fishing as much as we do. It’s why we come to the factory every day, dedicated to continuing Forrest Wood’s legacy of hard work, innovation, and exceptional customer service. 

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Precision-Built. Performance-Infused.™

Our Infused Composite Construction™ process ensures you get a rig that’s precision-engineered to perform across a variety of demanding fishing conditions. With higher glass-to-resin ratios and exacting layup procedures, the hull is stronger, lighter, and constructed to provide a lifetime of memories.

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The Revolution Is Here (And So Are The Winds Of Change.)™

From the beginning, we’ve been devoted to challenging the norm with groundbreaking designs, elevated performance, and an entire team dedicated to producing the best fishing boats on the water. Breaking down old barriers defines who we are, and it’s why The Revolution Is Here.

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