Inside & Out Season 4


Bow to stern, our focus on fishing is what sets every Vexus® design apart. It’s a legacy inspired by Forrest L. Wood and fueled by our own passion for perfection. After all, we love what we do. It Defines the Heart, Ignites the Soul, and Drives the Revolution™. Long days to short nights, you’ll see the rewards, INSIDE & OUT™.

Inside & Out: New Season Starts January 3rd.

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So Much Muscle It Runs To A Fight.™

When Forrest Wood crafted his first fiberglass boat, a Legacy of Leadership was born that has spanned more than five decades. That same Legacy still exists in Flippin, Arkansas. When you run a Vexus® boat, you gain the confidence that you’ve joined a team dedicated to carrying on Forrest and Nina’s vision of endless innovation, commitment to quality, and uncompromising performance.

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Made To Light Up The Day And Burn Up The Water.™

With the look, feel, and performance of a fiberglass boat, our Aluminum Hybrid™ designs are carving their own legacy on the water. Engineered to provide incredible holeshots and smooth, responsive handling, running an aluminum boat has never felt so good!

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Vexus Size Your Rig.™

From huge rod lockers to cavernous storage compartments to an extra-wide fishing platform, every Vexus® boat is constructed for maximum space, efficiency, and versatility.

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Plastic Is For Bags... Not Boxes Or Consoles!™

You won’t find cheap plastic consoles or storage boxes in a Vexus® boat. Why? Because we believe every component of your fishing rig should be built to look great and be strong enough to withstand the rigors of daily use. For us, compromising quality to save a buck isn’t something we’re interested in doing.

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Built With Curves You Can Bank On.™

Our VX / DVX models were designed from the ground up to give you the ultimate fishing experience. Utilizing advanced design techniques and modern manufacturing processes, these rigs are unlike anything else on the water. A convex hull design that sheds water quickly, precision-engineered strakes that grip in tight turns, and increased deadrise that slices through big waves all combine to deliver the performance you’ve been searching for.

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Built For Winning Streaks.™

Performance you can count on, the room and stability you need for a long day on the water, and enough tackle storage for any fishing situation are just a few reasons our AVX Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ are becoming so popular with serious tournament anglers. Try one out and start your own Winning Streak!

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It's A Breath Of Fresh Air.™

Our Infused Composite Construction™ process provides an optimum glass-to-resin ratio (more glass, less resin), resulting in a boat that’s Lighter, Faster, & Stronger. And with a next-gen hull design engineered to maximize these advantages, the Vexus® VX / DVX Series is ready to take on America’s toughest tournament trails.

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Break Free From The Dark Ages Of Boatbuilding™

With striking good looks, incredible performance, and tackle storage solutions anglers love, it’s no surprise so many fishermen are making the switch to our Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid™ rigs. Once you take a ride, you’ll see and feel the difference.

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Lighter, Faster, Stronger, Smoother.™

Our Infused Composite Construction™ process is more than just a catchy slogan—it’s a superior way to construct a fishing boat. We combine modern technology and materials with the vacuum-infusion process to achieve an optimum glass-to-resin ratio. This method reduces hull weight and, at the same time, adds strength. The result is a fishing platform that’s taking performance to a whole new level!

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