Heart & Soul Season 1


Over fifty years ago, the seeds of the Vexus® brand were planted by one of the most recognized individuals in the marine industry: Forrest L. Wood.

From our earliest times, we worked alongside Forrest to set the highest standards. Our team helped him design and build the first aerated livewell, the first all-fiberglass transom, first fiberglass trailer fenders, first disc brakes on trailers, first integrated engine setback, and so many more groundbreaking designs.

Today, that heritage continues here at Vexus. Our team is driven by that same relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation that was spawned over half a century ago in a small, modest building in Flippin, AR. It’s in our DNA.

It's the Heart and Soul of our team…
Heart & Soul: The Next Generation™

Begins Jan 6

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A Lot's Changed Since '68. Some Things Never Will.™

When Forrest pulled his very first fiberglass boat from the mold back in 1968, he couldn’t have envisioned the historical significance of that moment. The boat was tiny by today’s standards, with a beam of only 60” and measuring 16’ in length. It came equipped with a 50 HP engine and had no standard electronics. But that single boat led to a Revolution that would transform the fishing industry forever.

Over time, things change. Technology, manufacturing processes, and fishermen’s preferences all evolve. But values like hard work, integrity, innovation, and always putting the customer first never go out of style. That’s what Forrest believed, and we strive to carry on that tradition every day.

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When we started Vexus, we set out to Revolutionize the way fishing boats are constructed. More than just exterior changes, we wanted to find a way to build a better boat from the ground up. Our Infused Composite Construction™ is the result of those efforts, and it offers many advantages over the open-mold method used for decades. By vacuum infusing our fiberglass hulls and components, we achieve higher glass-to-resin ratios, stronger and lighter products, unmatched consistency, and it’s environmentally responsible too.

Take a ride in one of these boats, and you’ll understand why we say they’re “Performance-Infused.”
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Pull The Trigger. It's Loaded.™

We don’t build boats...we build YOUR boat.

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Innovation You Can Get Into™


It’s the one word that propels us forward. Inspires us to dream big. And motivates us to always reach for something better.

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Total Performance Machine® Design

The folks in Flippin, Arkansas, have boatbuilding running through their veins. That’s not surprising; this area has been the center of the fishing boat industry for decades, with parents and grandparents passing on their craft to The Next Generation. Take all that experience and combine it with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, and you have the ingredients for creating Total Performance Machines® that will defy your every expectation. 

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The World's Most Advanced Fishing Rigs™

We’re determined to always be leaders in innovation. The time we spend on the water drives it, and our heritage demands it. That’s why we never stop researching, designing, testing, and adapting. Our objective is simple: produce the most technologically advanced fishing rigs on the water.

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VX... There's Even More Room To Stand On It™

We designed our VX series to give modern anglers more room than ever before. With a wide 97” beam and a unique forked-bow design, the front deck is an expansive platform built to deliver uncompromising fishability and tons of extra space. The VX’s deeper hull also allows for enormous, weather-sealed compartments that dwarf other designs, ensuring you’ll always have ample storage capacity for all your rods, tackle, and other essentials.

The Vexus® VX… There’s Even More Room To Stand On It.™
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Your Ticket to More Takeoffs and Landings™

From an early morning takeoff to landing that fish of a lifetime, every innovation we build into our boats is aimed toward one goal—perfecting each second you spend on the water.

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When the Art of Design Meets the Edge in Performance™

We don’t believe the art of designing a boat should stop at the poliflake—it should invade every facet of the vessel, from the way the hull attacks rough water to the quality of materials used in construction to the place you store your fishing pliers. It’s a philosophy we live by here at Vexus because every minute spent on the water should be a minute you want to experience over and over.

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Extreme Platform. Extraordinary Performance.™

Before we built our first boat, we started with a blank canvas, dispelled outdated concepts, and aimed the country’s best boat builders toward one goal: Create the perfect fishing platform.

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In This Rig, Fish Can Fly.™

From our AVX Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrids™ to our high-performance fiberglass VX and DVX series, you’ll not find a better riding, better fishing rig on the market. We know that’s a bold statement, but after countless hours of on-water testing, we’re confident that once you experience the advantages of running a Vexus, you’ll agree. 

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We Pushed It To Excel. You'll Pull It For The Same Reason.™

We don’t hire our trailers out to the lowest bidder. They’re made right here in Flippin, Arkansas, by the same craftsmen that build your dream rig. Loaded with features like C-channel construction, our Victor Shield™ polyurea protective coating, and custom aluminum wheels, these trailers are worthy of the boats they carry. 

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Cross-Over To The Ultimate Total Performance Machine™

Meet the definition of versatility . . .

Designed to create lifelong memories on the water, the ADX190 is just at home chasing giant smallmouth as it is pulling your kids on a tube. Inside, you’ll find a spacious fiberglass livewell, rock-solid windshield, abundant rod storage, custom seating for up to six people, an optional ski tow pylon, and much more. Engineered to be the ultimate cross-over rig, the Vexus® ADX190 will put a smile on the faces of fishermen and families alike.
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Built To Knock The Wind Out Of Water™

We engineered our VX and DVX boats to make them the most secure, most stable, and most comfortable rigs on the water. Increased deadrise that chews up big waves, a convex hull design that drives spray downward, and AirWave® seats that take the shock out of those big rollers all combine to give you the best ride on the water. Period.

The Vexus® VX and DVX Series—Built to Knock the Wind Out of Water.™

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If Versatility Can Be Measured, This Is The Bar.™

An ultra-stable platform that excels in a multitude of environments, the Vexus® DVX19 is the definition of versatility. A fully outfitted rig, this boat is a serious fishing machine. Plus, it features a deep, spacious cockpit with seating for up to six people and a rock-solid ski tow for those family trips to the lake.

Open a world of adventures and memories with the DVX19!

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The Ultimate Advantage. It's What You Go For.™

Advanced Design. Electrifying Performance. Superior Quality.

These advantages define our products because we expect nothing less than the best when we’re on the water. We know you do too. That’s why we spend so much time innovating, testing, and improving—determined to produce the ultimate fishing rig.

It’s our heritage. Our passion.

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There's A World Of Upside... Inside.™

Every square inch inside a Vexus® boat is engineered to maximize your time on the water. From innovative tackle storage to a more spacious cockpit to a groundbreaking livewell system, every component is meticulously designed and crafted with the angler in mind.

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Smooth Flights & Fish Fights... It's Built To Go There.™

We’re passionate about the outdoors. When we aren’t building boats, you’ll likely find us on the water or in the woods. It’s just who we are. And it’s why we’re so dedicated to creating the finest fishing machines on the market. When you slip behind the wheel of a Vexus, you can rest assured that an army of fellow anglers has designed and crafted your boat with one goal in mind—helping you catch more fish.

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The Best Design You Can Land On.™

Packed with fishing features that make your time on the water better, every Vexus is precision-engineered to land you on the fish.

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America's Most Revolutionary Team of Angler/Craftsmen™

Commitment to quality and constant innovation are hallmarks of the folks who build Vexus® boats. Here in Flippin, it’s just in our DNA. 

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No Matter How You Tag It... The Revolution Is Here.™

Almost four years ago, we set out to fundamentally transform the fishing boat industry by offering performance-fueled designs, improved manufacturing processes, groundbreaking innovation, and superior customer service. That Revolution continues today. Join Us.

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Advantages You Can Run With™

Groundbreaking designs. Uncompromising performance. Superior manufacturing processes. Unrivaled customer service. These aren’t just our philosophies—they’re Advantages You Can Run With™.

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Real Differences That Change Everything™

You’ll notice a lot of differences when you look at a Vexus® boat. From our groundbreaking hull designs to our wide-open interior layouts to our revolutionary build processes, these boats are setting a new and higher standard on the water. A Vexus is more than just a fishing boat—it’s an uncompromising Total Performance Machine® handcrafted for the die-hard angler. Take a look, and you’ll see Real Differences That Change Everything™. 

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It's Endless Innovation™

We take a lot of pride in the boats we build, and “good enough” isn’t a philosophy we follow. We believe our customers deserve the absolute best, most advanced rigs on the water. That’s what drives us to constantly innovate and improve—and never settle for the way we did it yesterday.

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