Vannada and Team Weld Soulful Quality Into Every Vexus Trailer

In a fishing boat world where shiny fiberglass, perfectly welded aluminum, macho outboards, and supernatural sonar get all the glory, none of it really matters if your trailer falls apart. So, Flippin, Arkansas, resident and avid angler, Stephen Vannada has spent the past 22 years throwing his vocation’s heart and soul into making sure Vexus owners never feel anxiety about the hardy crib beneath their beloved high-end vessels. 

However, Vannada will be quick to tell you that the perfection poured into each Vexus is not just about him, but instead a total team effort comprised of roughly a dozen proud Marion County, Arkansas, craftsmen who work like family in the heart of downtown Flippin, just a long crankbait cast from Bull Shoals Lake, to build the best trailers in the fishing boat universe. 

“Ben, Cody, Jack, Max … most of us have been building trailers together for a really long time. We push and challenge each other with a lot of respect, and what results is far better, quality trailers for the anglers who buy our boats,” says Vannada. 

The simple fact that Vexus builds their own trailers versus outsourcing them like many other boat companies do is the first step to peace of mind. Shortcuts simply aren’t an option for Vannada and his teammates.

The heart of every Vexus trailer is heavier than average, American-made 4-inch channel steel for optimal strength, longevity, and a far more stable ride against potholes and other bumps in the road, and it won’t rust from the inside out like lesser-made boat trailers. 

Plus, every trailer frame gets an ultra-tough poly coating much like a truck’s bed liner to further guard against rust, scratches, and harsh UV rays from the sun. “We even use a better binding material in our poly coating than most people do. So Vexus owners don’t have to worry about their trailers looking chalky after a couple years in the sun,” explains Vannada.

“When we started building Vexus trailers, Lance, Keith and the guys on our leadership team told us to build trailers like we’d want our own trailers to be built as anglers. It was never about cutting corners to save money. It was simply about building the best. And it still is,” says Vannada proudly. 

“That’s the best part about working for Vexus. Our leadership cares about quality, and they care about their employees. We’ve got leaders that all of us truly have faith in. These guys are like family,” says Vannada as he glances at the guys he works with daily to build the highest quality trailers in the fishing boat industry.

So if you see a dark-bearded fella slinging a Super Spook Jr. or a spinnerbait with his teenage son from an red-colored Vexus AVX2080 on Bull Shoals, you might thank him for pouring his heart and soul into what’s more than just a job, but instead a soulful commitment to building an American-made product that’s truly the finest in its class.

Story by Alan McGuckin

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