ADX190 Walk-Through

Packed with both fishing and recreational features, the ADX190 is sure to write its own story with your family for years to come. At 18’11” in length and boasting a massive 98” beam, this boat gives you plenty of room to roam, whether you’re out for a spring fishing trip or pulling the kids on a tube during the summer. Watch this video as Vexus® CEO Randy Hopper walks through the many features and advantages of this new Vexus® model.
Our Passion
AVX Stable & Smooth
Enjoy the Room!
AVX Fit & Finish
Feels Like a Fiberglass Boat
AVX Layout & Storage
AVX Ride and Handling
On the Water in a Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid Design
Total Performance Machine Design
Superior Fit, Finish, & Features
Upright Level Foam Flotation
Custom Built Vexus® Trailers
Glass-Infused Aluminum Hybrid Design
Wide Open Spaces
Dense Base Design
Hard Case Paint / Victor Shield
Attention To Detail
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